2020 Fu** Off

2020 Fu** Off

2020 F*** Off.

This year is one of them you just pull out of the calendar and your life and will not remember, not for any positivity, more the negative thoughts, I’m sure you are thinking what a negative space his thinking, but I’m not I’m also positive in any way I can be…

Well first of why so negative about this year, its only Covid-19 you think, well it is, but only a part of it, that pandemic, I take with any positive means I can. For me its more in a spiritual way of thinking, what if there were a bigger meaning to this? What if it’s God’s way of saying, HEY! Please chill take a moment and breath, begin to think and take care of yourself, the people around you, and the planet, if you don’t, ill take 2 million people out this planet to help you see, sure you must be thinking, he is crazy and religious, no I’m not, that’s for sure, the only time I attend in church is when I have some jobs, like Weddings, Baptism and Funeral as a photographer. Else I’m only in church at Christmas if I remember to.

What I learned about the Covid-19 is to take a break, think different, take care of myself, my family, just be humble and kind. Every single day I see people don’t give a f*** about others then them self, young people screaming they are missing their social life in weekends. Young people, youth, please try to understand there are more to life then drinking and partying! Go watch some tv with your parents, visit grandparents and be kind, it’s not that hard!

So why so negative then?

Well people on social media in Denmark who knows me and have seen my journey with a picture a day have asked med, why are you so depressed, so negative sometimes, you are making great photos, keep it up that way.

Well let’s go all the way back to 10th August 2020 the day my life and my family’s life changed……

My son was arrested and wrongfully accused, since then it has all been a rollercoaster, my trust in or law and police is gone, like really gone. They had a little evidence and no witness like in no one, yes, I don’t want to go in to what charges are, they don’t matter here. But because he has been involved with police before, in like no arrest but as a witness and in a fight, they think with the little peace of evidence they have, the judge and the prosecutor got him locked up, his own defense lawyer don’t think he is guilty and there are a witness that have seen him not doing this, but as law is, they can sent you to jail if they got a technical evidence until the case is done and ready for trial.

Well we his family and some friends mean he is innocent and also his lawyer, it’s a really thin cup of tea they say, so here we are travelling back and forth once a week to visiting him and cheer him up, as he’s own words say, god I hate the system and police, I know they are just doing there job, but I’m wrongfully accused here, I’m just sitting dock until they see I’m innocent, and what then, my life is ruined I need to start all over, I’m fired from my job I’m without a home, so actually I’m on the streets when I eventually get released.

So, this I why I’m mad and depressed.

I do really hope this will not happen to another family, and not for anyone’s son, my is 20 ears old and have he’s whole life in front on him, I was so proud when he came to me in July to tell me, dad I need help, I’m in a deep black hole, I’m on drugs and alcohol and I don’t want to live anymore. He raises a hand and said I want help, 4 weeks later and the treatment was helping and he was clean and the happiest son ever, he changed so much to the happy boy I knew, and then this happen. What can I say I hate 2020 just as much as him. He got himself a good lawyer and I do hope the best for him, he is keeping his head high and is looking positive on this and that he is soon getting out and can start a fresh on his life.

So, do I keep up with photos?

Yes, I am I’m doing it well, it’s a gift to take pictures, its like a cure for me, so no camera no me, that simple.

I simply love taking pictures, and writing to even thought that this is probably the only journal entry in this month, fall is coming and October also, below is some of the pictures from September I do hope you like them and keep my son in your prayers and thoughts.

Until next month, thanks for reading, Peace.

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