Thoughts from a disturbed mind


Small stories from a disturbed minimalist and about photographing what you like.

2020 Fu** Off

This year is one of them you just pull out of the calendar and your life and will not remember, not for any positivity, more the negative thoughts, I’m sure you are thinking what a negative space his thinking, but I’m not I’m also positive in any way I can be…
Well first of why so negative about this year, its only Covid-19 you think, well it is, but only a part of it, that pandemic, I take with any positive means I can. For me its more in a spiritual way of thinking, what if there were a bigger meaning to this?

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August 2020

August 2020 31. august 2020 August is over. 31 days and I have to say what a hell it has been, this has to be the most difficult month I ever tried and I really think about dropping out. I knew it, and I have been warned about this time around, but if has just been the pictures, well then it would have been that, but on a personal level I really think about quitting this time. My stress, anxiety, […]

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53mm & A Muse.

This nifty fifty glass was my first Fujinon glass in combination with the X-Pro1 when it was released in late September 2011, it was love at first sight, even thought this combo was so slow, and I really men slow!

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So Tired.

It has crossed my mind so many times the last year or two, but here in 2020 its like it really bothers me, you are thinking what is he rambling about?
For the good last 10 years I have been shooting models on a TFP (Time for Pictures) basic or later called CFP (Cake for Pictures), well no money involved, and I have been shooting all from Portraits sessions to weddings to Business, so about now you think, hey this photographer actually making money and also…

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July 2020

And there we have July

I had never thought it could happen, but it did. July is over and yes it have been a tough one, there have really been days where I just wanted to stop.

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