11. august 2020

So Tired.

It has crossed my mind so many times the last year or two, but here in 2020 its like it really bothers me, you...

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19. juli 2020

It’s never gonna be the same.

When I first thought on this journal entry, I was like... WTF! What should I write about and why in English and not Danish...

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21. juni 2020

One a Day.

365 pictures, one a day, a target I have never reach and still see it as a discipline to reach. Covid-19 got me to think...

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14. maj 2020

A project that not become what it’s supposed to be

An idea is born, and then again, it is seen so many times before from other photographers, but I just couldn’t let the idea...

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23. april 2020

2015-2019 Der er sket lidt siden.

2015 - 2019 Der er sket en del. I de her Covid tider skal man tage sig til et eller andet

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28. marts 2020

Covid-19 Madness

So, an excuse of been in quarantine or a lock down and not have the opportunity to take pictures is bullshit, just free your...

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Nu igen, det ikke tilladt!