Covid-19 Madness

Covid-19 Madness

Covid-19 Madness.

Product & Food Photography

Ok the fourth journal entry and yes its kind a cool to writes this, even the sadness in the world that this Covid-19 killing people and so many still don’t understand have dangerous this illness is, its unreal and frightening at the same time, it’s really close.
When you chose to not leave your home and commit, at some point the madness in your mind arrives, then it’s nice to do home improving stuff and work your mind on have to take pictures when you normal run the streets r for that matter photographing stunning women.

I have found a new love, it is called food pictures and product pictures in a minimalist way, so no fancy props or lightning, but as minimal as I love it, normal in bright diffused daylight and sometimes some LED and flash. Whatever makes it creative.

The other day I had some leftover risotto with mushroom, I had a good bowl left, so did some creamy balls out of it and deep fry them, pretty simple and straight forward, love them so yummy delicious.

Shot on the Fujifilm X-T3 and the XF 50mm f/2

Product pictures had actually never been my strong site, but sometimes you need to step in to the ring and try it and make the best of it. I found out have much I love it, as long as it is on my terms, I really dig it, not complicate things just do them simple and minimalist way.

I’m a huge fan of the minimalist approach as you can tell, here a black carpet and a white table, window light and no more, Black and White and a lot of contrast and grains, simple and I love the film look.

So, an excuse of been in quarantine or a lock down and not have the opportunity to take pictures is bullshit, just free your mind and stay home and be creative.
No necessary trips to the stores or to the local coffee shop, that are not open anyway. Stay Home!

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