It’s never gonna be the same.

It’s never gonna be the same.

Or is it?

The world has changed and so have many people, or at least some of them have, myself included I have been in a change for a long time, not only on personal front, but also photographic.

When we talk change in the world, I believe that this Covid-19 have really changed the world and us as people. When I first thought on this journal entry, I was like… WTF! What should I write about and why in English and not Danish as I normal do, but the English was an easy decision, to reach out and above Danish is not that strong a language, English or German is the best written language out there I believe? So, English it is and the Danish entry’s is going to be translated to English sometime over this year.

Well the change of humans doing this Covid-19 or should we call it Covid-2020, 2020 the year of Covid, well anyway people or some of them have changed in more than one way, people are scared now, if you sneeze in the supermarket they almost run away, if you cough they do the same, some even take up the verbal fight if you don’t sanitize your hands and then there are those who yell at you for being too cautious when wearing gloves and mask.
In my opinion they are plane stupid both the kind I talk about, just relax and let people be people don’t stress out like you do.

Well photography wise and this site there are changes too not because of Covid-19 but because I’m changing, and I’m doing it in a slow pace and I actually love it.


This have been changing for a while, sometimes you get bored or stuck on a partially genre in photography, I don’t want to live by taking photos, but doing this because I like it and it is relaxing, its kind a free my mind.

I’ve have done so much TFP, Time for Photos, as in free images for me and the model, it is kind a ok term and you get to shoot a lot, but sometimes it is to much, enough is enough, that is one thing I am changing this year, less of it like 1 sessions a month.
Model photography is fun but its tearing you up in time, you could use so much more with family and friends, and after I bought a Fujifilm X100V my love for Street and landscape have been awaken again, even the small pictures in a everyday life is what I photograph before it was overruled by model photography.

Portrait photography on the other hand I still love and do both as TFP and payed, the way you can create a unique story in just one facial expression is so nice, I really love it and going to do more of that but on a whole other level then before.
Sure it sounds already like I have plenty of ideas of what to do and not, and yes I have so there will be much more of it in the future, still working on it.

Over the years I have had so many ideas but never push them forward reality, but this year I hope to do one of them and then all the other can come when time is for it. Have a little patience I tell myself all the time, but this project I got in my mind, really depends on patience none the less.

One Picture a Day.

Oh my I have read many stories on people starting a picture a day a whole year project and never ended it, and then there are those who have done it flawless, one of them is Jonas Rask, I think in Denmark he pushed people forward doing this project, everybody wanted to do this, if he could, then they could do it.

I have failed so many times with a project like this, but last year 2019 I went down in a black hole with stress and anxiety, it was really a tuff one, July 2020 yes this year I survived covid-19 and only have battle scars from the anxiety and stress, even it still appears once and while. But my photography and mind stopped working and I didn’t want to do any photography anymore, well I’m not proud to say this but I didn’t want to live either, I didn’t see any chance to survive anything, but I got my hand on a little camera October 2019 and it changed everything, think about it, a little camera could change your mind and become the savior and the healthcare you really needed.

The X100F it really ignited a little spark in me and I forced myself out and above and shot anything I could see a image in, and it worked slowly I won over this block and illness and in January 2020 the rumor was that a X100V was about to release, and yes 5 February it was and it ticked all the boxes, and a preorder was made. You may think why was the X100F not enough, well there was some irritating things, the lens 23mm f/2 was not sharp enough on f72 and was really first sharp around f/4, no flip screen, yes, I’m old but I missed it a lot. Those 2 boxes were ticked off, the new 23mm is razor sharp and really can get close to subjects, also I got the WCL and TCL, the last is used less but it’s a good kit with lot of fun in it.

So, I started photographing and somehow, I had made a picture every day since June 2020, oh half of May to but it’s not counting in my world so start was June, then it hit me do I want to do a 365, a 52 weeks or what am I doing? So far, it’s just a picture a day and it have to be fun, when the fun is not there anymore, I quit this project.

Down below is my June and July so far, also I post pictures not coming to the one picture a day on my Instagram.

So, this is where I am.

Well I’m right here leaning in myself, in a hopeful and trusty life, I love my family more than ever and just trying to be me in this big world, photographing everything I see and enjoy in this life.

Its been a long journey, and a lot of thoughts, but I do know what I want now, I know what makes me happy and where I can see happiness with this world, for me and my photography and family, I know that more travel and more out in the streets is where I want to be and go, by myself and by all means with my family.

Enjoy some Black and White pictures taken over the last months that I really like, some made it to my One a Day project others just to Facebook and Instagram.

Until next time, see you and yes not in Danish but English.

Take Care.

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