Ok I don’t blog or do I ?

Ok I don’t blog or do I ?

Ok I don’t blog or do I ?

Let me start by introducing myself, the name is Allan, 41 summers at the moment, father of 3 grown kids and them I’m a photographer and living the most beautiful and stunning woman, the mother of my 3 kids.

Photography have always stood me near and have never been in doubt that I needed to be a photographer from the moment I got a Pentax K1000 in my hands.

I had no doubt that it was people I wanted to photograph, even the landscape and now street was what really trigged me, not that I love other genres to, I do but people is my first choice of genre any day.

This is me with the old big beard, old picture.

Travel is also me, love it, special big capitals like Berlin, I love that city, it has really taken my heart, the urban culture and history. Adventure to Iceland, Faroe Island is also on my passport great places to be, culture, landscapes and people, oh and not to mention the changing weather.
Again its people that are my primary genre, I just love it so you could call me a hardcore portrait photographer with a heart for traveling.

The thought of being a blogger have never crossed my mind but now I’m here and I need to put some thoughts down so why not, I think over time it will be more like a presentation of thought and bits of gear and pictures, but yes! Let’s call it a blog.

In all this should be my digital journal and I really don’t care if people read it or not, or no I really love if you read these things, I’m putting down here. I’m doing this for me, not for the readers, but for me to train my mind and being better to put letters down to words and it’s the same with photography, before I did it for my viewers pleasure not my own or sometimes it was not for me but most time it is.

This is pure therapy for the soul and mind, I think I’m going to love it, so welcome to my digital journal or blog.

Down below is some of my pictures.

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