One a Day.

One a Day.

It has to start somewhere.

365 pictures, one a day, a target I have never reach and still see it as a discipline to reach.

Covid-19 got me to think a lot, what kind of photography should I do forward, it also maid me think about do it different then I had ever before.
Decision about a picture a day was done already years ago, but never got started, I really wanted to do this but it was too overwhelming so I started this time in small steps, one or two weeks, 7 or 14 pictures has now started and I really hope and pray to fulfill it.

There are no rules, just shoot, but only 1 picture can be used a day. Sounds easy right? It all starts Monday 8th of June and run until I have one or two weeks to post, I hope for more.

Week. 1 (Week 24)

Week. 2 (Week 25)

OK! So here I am.

2 weeks later and I’m done, not done like the end but two weeks done, will I continuous? Yes, I may do that.

I will probably continue as far as I can, to the extent that my head can handle it, time will tell, a week or two weeks more will tell more, I hope for 7-14 pictures that im happy with and would love to post.

I have learned that it really demands some discipline to do this, my respect goes out to those who are running this project or have done one or two years.
I have learned a lesson that I take with me, the X100V I simply love this camera that have taken these pictures, the camera grows on you it become your best friend, actually I have not used my X-T3 and glass the last two weeks, it made me considerer to sell it all and just keep the X100V and TCL+WCL.

The truth is I’m just so happy with the X100V then anything else, now time will tell if I will ever go back to a interchangeable camera or if the X100V is just enough.

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  1. Keep on going. Der kommer en periode i starten hvor man tænker “det her fører jo ikke til noget” – derefter kommer der en god periode, og måske igen en periode hvor man tænker “fuuuck, det går ALDRIG” sådan skal det være! Over tid oplever man at komme til at have dagens billede i baghovedet, at man pludeselig kan se motiver i nærmest alt, og man kan sortere i billeder, inden der er trykket på udløseren. Jeg er snart halvvejs i mit andet skudårsprojekt – og ved ikke om jeg tør stoppe til januar, jeg fortrød så eftertryggeligt sidst, men…

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