A project that not become what it’s supposed to be

A project that not become what it’s supposed to be

An idea is born

And then again, it is seen so many times before from other photographers, but I just couldn’t let the idea go away.

So, I was in IKEA and got this blue towel and then it all started, the idea you know, I bought 3 different sizes, just because I didn’t know yet what the project has to be like yet.

After a few weeks I got this model in my home studio to do a lot of different portraits for both of our portfolios, and also some lingerie for her portfolio, I asked her if she was up for a topless portrait with a towel, maybe covering her breast, the towel had to be like a head bandana, like women normal put it on there head after a shower.

Why not happy with result

Lightning was out of my normal reach and style, but I was happy with the first session, but the others, no.

But those who know me, knows how stubborn I can be with my lightning and never be happy with end result. So why not be unhappy here.

Lightning was in a big Octa box pointed directly into model’s face, she would stand with her side to mine and face straight into the light, behind her would be a big white reflector.

Simple settings on 1/160 – f/5.6 -ISO 100

But why not happy you may think?
After 5+ pictures I saw have the look was so different, colors and retouch, I messed up somehow, the Error 40. I did never take notes on lightning, distance and yes then m patience was gone, and project was dropped.

The first 4 pictures and the last was where I was satisfied, technical and lightning wise, even the retouch was good, I did put smile upon my face and I really loved what I was creating. Not that was anything wrong with the other pictures, models were beautiful, it’s not their fault that I get irritated over my own mistakes, but we live and we learn, also this time.

Always, take notes of lightning and distance if you think you got something nice to use, maybe even a picture of the setup, archive them as reference.

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